Guhonda Crop Farming and Livestock Limited is one of the leading producers of high quality vegetables and beef in Kenya and it is privately owned, a fully registered crop farming  and livestock company licensed by the government of Kenya. We aim to provide quality products which redefine what innovative, healthy and delicious vegetables should be. 

Our farm is located in Siyapei, Ntulele-Narok highway. We produce a variety of farm food crops like tomatoes, Onions, carrots, Green peppers, Red peppers, Cabbages, Irish potatoes and many more. Our livestock includes Goats, Sheep and Cows. These are sold locally or international wherever demand calls. We supply to both local and international market, both retail and wholesale customers as well as taking orders online.


We have a team of professionals well trained and skilled members of staff that ensure we achieve our core values, to produce high quality health food consistently whilst ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

Our staff offer the most professional, skilled and dedicated services, both in the process of production from the shamba (farm) and in the handling of customers maintaining a professional and conducive business environment.

The Management Team


Juma Khamis


Michael Osita


Saddam Yusuf


Nelson Mandela